Fuel & Water Don’t Mix

I must say that in all my years I would have never have thought I would have written a blog, BUT, never say never. As I go though life each day I seemed to be asked the same questions a lot, perhaps because I have made it into those years of having a little snow on the roof (gray hair) and of course making it until 48 years of age, maybe I should have a little knowledge or may be able to baffle people with BS. I prefer the first thought of knowledge.

Today comes the question of water & fuel mixing and being in your fuel tank from the service station or what I now call a fuel center. The truth is we have all the latest and greatest (and most expensive) equipment that money can buy to make sure you would never get any water. As a matter of fact it has electronic probes in the bottom of the tank and actually would tell you the inches of water in the tank. Our tanks have zero water and the pumps actually sit 6" off the bottom of the tank. Our tanks are also fiberglass coated steel called Eultron. If any water comes from anywhere, alarms will sound.

Last night as I had dinner, I got a message from a man who had purchased fuel elsewhere in an emergency and the truck would not run. So, I want everyone to understand that water and fuel will not mix! The water will settle to the bottom of the tank and the fuel or gas will rise. If  the tanks are many years old and do not have any monitoring systems of today, then the tanks will sweat or possibly take on rainwater from a parking lot. Once this water reaches the point of the suction of the pumps then the pumps will pick up water and fuel. Our dispensers then have triple filters and when stations change those as needed the fuel will flow faster and the filters will catch the water if there is any. The same thing happens on your truck, tractor, fuel tank or car.

The only way for a station to get the water out of the bottom of their old tanks is to pump them down to the lowest point and then have a pump truck come and clean out the excess fuel and water. This costs money and I believe some companies are afraid of losing a profit by pumping out the bottom of the tanks. Folks, the moral of this story is the clear truth... where you buy your fuel needs a water monitoring system installed to meet the 2018 standards or they might need to pump the water out of the bottom of their 30 year old tanks. It is worth a few cents more to buy your fuel from a new automated station whether it is Patriot or somewhere else but please buy clean fuel and talk to your station owner about it. They may not realize what is happening.

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